What Is Contractor Insurance?

What Is Contractor Insurance?

Welcome to the world of ContracSur, where we understand the unique needs of contractors like you and have tailored insurance solutions to protect you. You face unique risks and challenges in your daily operations as a contractor. That's where contractor insurance comes in! In this blog, we'll explore what contractor insurance is and how it can safeguard your business and livelihood.

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General Liability Insurance

At ContracSur, we've got your back regarding general liability insurance. This essential coverage protects you and the clients you serve against bodily injury, property damage, and other common risks associated with your professional industry. Our business insurance solutions allow you to focus on your clients and continue your good work without worrying about unforeseen incidents derailing your success!

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Business Auto Coverage

Business auto insurance is crucial for contractors who rely on their vehicles for work purposes, such as driving to job sites or meeting clients, transporting goods, and hauling tools or supplies. Our comprehensive business auto coverage ensures that you and your fleet are protected, helping you stay on the move and providing the best insurance for contractors in Texas.

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Workers' Compensation Insurance

At ContracSur, we understand contractors' challenges in the HVAC, electrical, and plumbing industries. That's why we offer tailored workers' compensation insurance policies designed to provide medical and lost wage benefits to you and your employees in case of accidents or injuries. Our mission is to help employers across Texas maintain their businesses and protect the health and safety of their employees.

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Certificates of Insurance

Need a certificate of insurance to secure a job? We've got you covered! Our team at ContracSur will help you get the right coverage to win the job, deliver exceptional work, and get paid for your efforts. With the best insurance for contractors in hand, you'll earn more bids and grow your business.

Your business and livelihood as an independent contractor deserve top-notch protection. ContracSur is a family-owned, local business that provides the best insurance for contractors in Greater Texas. We're committed to turning the traditionally dull nature of insurance on its head, working closely with contractors like you to ensure you have the coverage you need to thrive. Contact us today to speak with a friendly and knowledgeable member of our team or to receive a free quote!

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